There is something, I can’t explain.




There is something, I can’t explain.

Caeli McKamey

A leisurely walk takes a turn on the Twilight Zone…

The leaves look like daphadils hanging from a cathedral. Singing a choir of wind songs, the bench near the old lamp-post keeps me company. Swaying my converse back and forth against the concrete, pebbles skip across the silent street. Sunset is beginning to dawn, with orange cresents emitting black shadows against the skyline.


I snuggle my wollen scarf over my chin, and hide my cheecks in it’s fuzz. My black skinny jeans show a rip in the ankle, with chills passing by the jean fabric against my white skin. With the sun closer to the earth, I realize the grey sky is telling me to talk a walk in this direction. 

Behind me the green bushes rustle. A crack. My head turns over my brown scarf to see what creature is here now. Seeing only the shadows of the lamp-post, I turn back. There, on the tree is an empty branch. Little footprints  still warm to the touch. The bird is gone.

Another crack behind me. My spine tingles in entire body sensations. My heart beats not only in my throat but in my cheecks, fingertips, and throbbing it glues my converse to the cement. My body as stone, I hear another crack. Closing my eyes, and holding my hands tight in a fist, my hands turn white and red with grip. My shoulders feel a cool sensation 2 feet behind me.

Another rustle. I hold my eyes closed for dear life. I wish I was gone. I wish I was gone. I wish I was gone.The coldness comes closer, sending a shiver of icicle blasts against my neck. My blue shaggy hair ruffles in the wind, freezing against the hairs on the back of my neck. Now a foot away, I feel warm breathing against my neck mixed with the deepest blue and black ice-cubes melting against my skin. Get me out of here. Get me out of here. Get me out of here.

A loud sound shutters the ground. I open my eyes to see

The tree warps into a merge of colors, warping time and light.Timewarp.jpg (170×170) Clocks tick, the black bird laughs in sinister voices. The cold is sucked into the portal. My feet are sucked slowly turning transparent into the whole of the tree. I grab onto the lamp-post, screaming for my life. No one is there, but me. The bird laughs with his flock, deeper and darker. The pull sucks in my stomach, my hands sweating against the metal of the lamp post. My pinkie slips off, my right hands fall off, I am sucked in up to my neck. A black engulfes me.

Silence. Feeling a soft sensation against my converse, I loosen my grip. My neck is once again warm, the temperature of my morning pillow. I keep my eyes closed, with a loosen. My ears open up. Swishing sounds of soothing waters surround me. Dare I open my eyes?

My blue eyes open with my blood rushing red to my lips. My mouth gapes in not believing. My feet hold against a golden grey sandy beach. With sand-dunes, and hills surrouning me. Washing against my toes, white bubbles of the ocean swish and wet my feet. Looking at the white and grey sky, wind warms my scarf.

I jump back from the ocean, and flop my body onto the warm sand. In my winter-snow-jacket, and warm scarf, I lay in the sand. Looking up at the sky, I see weeds and rocks around me. I am alone. But, I am safe.

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