I Can’t Control my kids…And neither can you…

wild-child.png (980×427)

Do you think about having kids one day? Well, think again. Here is a mother’s perspective on her family. In the end, shit get’s crazy, but they are still your kids.

Hey. You think I know what I’m doing? You probably think I’m one of those target moms, who overlooks every part of my kids life. Well, back up, because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing…But, my kids don’t know that.

We sat down for dinner the other night, and I made him some chicken nuggets, with ketchup, because after a full day of work, who expects me to cook a 4 course meal? I don’t even own a cook book. So, anyways, I’m the woman who brings home the money, and my husband is just sitting there, on his fricken’ phone all night. My kid looks up to me like I’m some kind of angel. He sits there while I’m pretending my way through motherhood, hugging my legs so tight. I guess that’s the good part of having a kid, isnt it? You learn along with them. Still, that cute motherfucker get’s to me sometimes.

Last night I was laying on the couch after cleaning up dog shit, with my new pregnant belly about to vomit, and here goes my kid eating ice cream at 8am. I look at him, reminding him that it’s breakfast. “But, I’m just a kid, mom. My teacher said we only live once. That means I need to eat ice cream, before it’s too late!”. I’ll let him pass on this one, while I continue cleaning up dog shit. You got a kid like this? Don’t we all. What do we do about it. You’ll find out in the next post.

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