He Thinks he Has Mojo, but he’s just another Rich Kid.

He Thinks He Has Mojo, but he’s just another Rich Kid.

Caeli McKamey

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I just moved to this new city that is not me at all. Rich kids everywhere, I’m from a poor family. So, I go into this fancy coffee-shop, and every day I hear rediculous things. Today, this was just too much, I had to share.

“Hey girl!. You are still here? Wow…you are dedicated.” He makes himself comfterable, while coffee brews and is served in the background.

“So here is the thing, do you want me to be nice, or do you want me to tell the truth?”

“The truth”.

“Yeah, don’t be a nice girl, nice girls never win. You know, you got to say no sometimes when people ask you things, you don’t be a nice girl”.

She blushes with her long straight black hair.

He glances at her small writing, and takes it from her hand.

“Wow, girl! Look at all these pages! Too much girl”.

“Those people who go to college, are like resivoirs, they just keep going. Do you think college is the only place to get your education?”


“That’s exactly right. Hold on let me take this call. “Oh, hey. Yeah, let’s hit this up tonight”.

Settling in his black suit, I see from the corner of my eyes that his newly financed cell phone is black, with no call ongoing.

“Sorry about that. Guys right?”

She blushes and fiddles with her pencil against her pale white skin.

“So the thing is, how does ancient greek mythology gunna help me. Know what I mean?”

She laughs shyly, hiding her chin in her sweater.

“I know millionares who have never gone to college”

He jumps up and chest bumps, and shakes the hand of another man in a suit. “Hey dude, so glad to see you!”

Looking at the girl, his dark brown eyes lighten up, and his voice smoothes as he bends over, close to her. “I got to go to a meeeting right now, but let’s keep in touch. I’m proud of you”.


Picture from BuzzFeed writer Matt Ortile-


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