An Atheist and Scientologist sit down for dinner…Part 1

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Watch the chaos unfold between two opposites, coming to one goal.

She pulled her turtle-neck up higher, to cover more skin.

“Bill, how could you do this to us…Inviting an Atheist to dinner?”

“Paula, I’ve worked with him for 10 years, it’s the least we could do”.

Paula pours a shot of vodka and downs it back.

“Paula, I’ve got something else to tell you…” His neck blotches red, and his forehead sweats.

“What?” Paula puts her hands on her hips.

“I’ve also invited someone you might not be too fond of…”

“Well, just spit it out!” Vodka wets her lips.

Paul sways like he’s on a boat, “I’ve also invited….a scientologist…”

Paulas mouth drops. Rushing away, her size 6 feet slam into the bedroom, and lock the door shut.

Bill flops defeatedly into the green armchair.


The clock clicks 530, smells of burning in the oven, and only the fireplace rattles in the living room. Paul runs to the kitchen, squeaking and tripping on a soft object,

“Fuck, why did we get a dog”. He throws the bone dog toy in the living room,

“Here, Dog, go fetch”.

A fat grey and brown pug, with his back hair balding, sits near the fireplace, watching  the dog toy sit right in front of his nose. He looks away non-interested, and lays his head on his paws, grunting with boredom.

Grey fumes bust open into Paul’s eyes. Coughing and hacking, he reaches for his inhaler in his jean pocket. Taking two slow puffs, the burnt chicken fumes in the oven. Paul takes the pot holders which have written, “Love is in a home”, and swat them at the chicken. Small charcoal-like flames burst at the sides.

Laughter. 3 knocks at the door.

Paul takes a cup of newly brewed coffee and throws it on the chicken, sizzling to a zzzzz. His streched-pot belly sways as he rushes to the front door shouting, “Virginia, they’re here. Let’s go”. Pulling up his worn down belt to his gut, he opens the door.

Tune in for Part 2…

Picture credit of The God Extinguisher:

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