Have a Healing Day

Mental Illness is real! There is no band-aid for mental illness, but people try and cover it up constantly!Counseling and information to show people that we are not supposted to be stuck in a box away from society our entire life. We are just experiencing life. It is not something we can cure, but something we can HEAL. This article is about the different types of mental illnesses, and what we can do to get through them, and survive. 

What are the opinions of the ever so strange idea of medicine, what it means to have a mental illness, and how can we best help those going through hard times?

This article is about mental Illness and how we can best find healing within ourselves.

These types of resources can be found online in such sites as 7 Cups of Tea-an online counseling center, and FREE-for when you are in a crisis, and just need someone to vent to. In addition, there are online Weight Watchers Programs that I would reccomend people to try. Therefore, the key is BALANCE. 


Mental Illness is Far Too Overlooked

For centuries people have covered up the idea of mental illness, putting it in a box, the same as someone who is “crazy”. Although there is pity given to those with physical ailments, metal illness is never considered as “real”.

What Does it Feel Like to Have Anxiety/Depression/PTSD/Scizophrenia? 


  • Anxiety…Why is everyone looking?

Anxiety is defined as, “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome”-Dictionary.

Anxiety is like always feeling there is a fog of shaking surrounding you. As if you are always fearing others are judging you, feeling you can’t leave your house for fear that others will see you. Even a simple phonecall or conversation can make you back away. You may be on stage and confident, and yet quiet in small crowds. You could be the opposite, stage fright but good in small groups. Anxiety is about the situation, and in those situations that trigger you, your brain can turn blank to a fog. Anxiety is a sense of loosing yourself, but holding onto common society. People will say, “You’re too shy”, or “You are too judgemental”. Don’t listen to those words. We are all dealing with our thoughts. We will heal in time.


If you are up for more information on what Anxiety is like, this next video describes it the best way I could imagine. It is a long video, as it is a Ted Talk-at 15 minutes, but if you have the time, go to this video. It is great to cheer you up and also help you understand Anxiety.

  • Depression…I really do want to care.

Depression is a feeling that you are chained to the bed, as if nothing else matters, and yet everything matters so much, but you just can’t seem to find the words, or change your brain to wake up. It is the feeling of always being stuck in another person’s body, loosing your sense of self. Depression is wanting to show people you care and who you really are in your kindness, but people view you as labels; angry, snooty, strange, or most commonly: stupid. When a person doesn’t act like a cheerleader; when someone is not happy every second, people start to judge. They start to wonder, “what is wrong with her”, and all you can think is, “I’m lost in this fog”. It is a constant fog always surrounding you pulling you into its grips, and feeling like you can see, but your brain won’t actually work. People will say, “you’re such a winer”, or “you’re selfish”. Depression is not something to just get over. It is a long-life process.


Scizophrenia…I’m not as bad as in my head.

Scizophrenia is like being two people. From what I’ve heard, there are more than just the typical “haluscinations”, but also different forms of it. It could be hearing voices, feeling pulled in certain directions, feeling like two different people, seeing things that you don’t know are real, and always looking at your back, and if you let it go far enough, you can start believing that those loved ones around you are the ones that created this pain. Therefore, Scizophrenia is a complex disorder that I am not qualified to go into depth in, but I can state what I know.


As you can see, mental illnesses are REAL TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES that take so much for us to heal. WE CAN NEVER CURE ourselves completely in one way, but with many different strategies we can


our trauma, and put the pieces back together, so that we can FUNCTION.

Lower Stress?

What is this about panic attacks?


When you are about to go into that panic attack where the whole world blacks out and you go into a hold, only so much Cognitive Therapy can help. I have been using strategies such as looking at the items around me and describing what they are, to bring me back to the real world. Hearing sounds, and focusing in on them, to bring me back. Coming back to the problem later and re-thinking my thinking pattern, and learning to doubt and analyze my own brain. But, even then, all of these techniques don’t help when that extreme physical body panic attack hits out of no-where. Most of the time, I have no idea why, and even have most of my life feeling like a foggy memory, even though there are great memories in there. Trauma can affect so much, because it is an emotion that holds onto physical body sensations. Trauma remembers how you felt in that exact moment and can play it on repeat every day, and increase the volume in a split second.

Tiffany king reviews a new marijuana study from The University of Chicago and in her article, Stressed? A Little Weed Goes A Long Way, According to New Study, she states and quotes,”One group received a low dose of THC (7.5 mg), another group received a moderate dose (12.5 mg) and the third set of subjects were a placebo group, meaning they received a capsule containing no THC at all.””The findings conclude that low doses of THC can reduce the emotional impacts of stress, but that “higher doses may non-specifically increase negative mood.” Placebos are commonly used to test to see if the person just thinks they are getting better, which can lead to them getting better, while no medicine is really placed in the pill. This is very likely to show some effects, but in this study it shows that not many cases were proven from just thinking of getting better. When dealing with mental stress, it is hard to just put your problems aside, with the mental thinking of repition, and OCD brain.

Stressors that Make it Worse



Picture of a woman holding her head, as 2 other faces come out of the side of her head, she is holding her hands as if she is blocking out the words, as her face is in pain, and black and white picture, showing her feeling of being locked inside herself.

Anxiety can also be increased with certain strains as well. That is why you should really research what you are getting yourself into. Sites like Leafly will have descriptions of what strains do what. If you have scitzophrenia, or are suspecting it, then you probably should not smoke very much. There are low relaxing strains that can be beneficial to cage the halucinations or paranoid feeling brought on with scizophreia. From my experience, the people I have met who have been scizophrenic do agree that pot makes their scizophrenia much worse.

 Artists interpretation of what it feels like to have scizophrenia. Voices and many red mouths speaking around him as he is closing his ears with his hands.

In the article, Marijuana and mental illness,  by Weisser, Hilary, she states below her experience with Marijuana and Scizophrenia.”Yet we are never told of the risks involved in taking it. We are told constantly that cigarettes and alcohol are dangerous drugs, yet the very people who should know – the Drug and Health Directorate of the NSW Health Department – play down or ignore the risks of cannabis.” Therefore, if you have scizophrenia, or know a friend who does, remember to watch how they react to pot, and let them know about the negative side effects. It can make the halusicanations more sinical and evil, which can increase the risk of suicide. So, be careful.


Overall, this article is to promote the idea that we all should be healthy and taking care of ourselves, in the way that we need to. We need to realize what type of illness we have and take people’s problems seriously. No matter what the opinion, we should always respect others and take their word for how they feel, and what is the best for them. So, if you take anything away from this article, take away the fact that mental illness is complex and real and a reason to help us be the best healing that we can find.

Have a Healing Day!








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