Trailer Park Boys-Television review

Looking for a new Netflix show? Trailer Park boys is similar to Parks and Recreation or The Office but trailer park style. It is a Canadian television show now available in many different versions. 

Witty characters are involved, such as bubbles, who collects shopping carts and cats, even collecting the occasional cougar, and i dont mean the next door neighbor. 

Allowing every day people to feel better about themselves, this show gives a humorous view on living in poverty. This allows those of us who grew up without money to remember how rediculous it was. In addition, their stupidity lets the watcher relish in this almost slapstick comedy. 

Channanagins such as growing marijuana, shooting at everything that moves, and the run-down with the local cops gives the show an origional spin on the word parody. 

If you’re looking for a new show to binge watch; this is the one. Get your pork rines and beer ready, cause here comes the Trailer Park Boys. 

“Cause the boys in the park are hard as fuck. Come talkin’ that trash and we’ll fuck you up”. 

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