Here’s My Number, Call Me, BABIES!

Who doesn’t love babies? Babies of all types, and animals. They give us cheer, and remember how fragile and beautiful life is.
All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Cuddle me because my happieness just keeps going. A little baby with just their bottom two teeth. Smiling with pure happieness, it makes us have that nurturing feeling for others. Do you have a baby?
Well, Good Morning Beautiful Me

Oh look at my curves, im a pretty pink plus sized pig and i am BE-A-UTIFUL! Remember back when Oprah was around? Say one nice thing to yourself every morning and your day will be more productive. Yes it will be weird to talk to yourself in the mirror. But, isent everyone a little whacky anyways? No one is looking…
Pull My Finger

Yes, I’m a tiny adorable money and i know it. Can you imagine anything this small? Remember those less than us are still so important. He may be small, but just let him loose..and you’ll see the mayhem unfold…
I Bat My Eyes at You

By far better than Batman…Bats are always seen as science fiction dear. But why be afraid of something so cool? Live in a cave and sonar? 

Glossy Sloth

Get out the sunscreen and sunglasses, were going on a trip! The slow sloth is far by my favorite baby animal. I connect with the lazy sloth and chill aspect on life. To live in the rainforest and eat leaves all day in the warm. Give me a bloody Mary and call this vacation!

Unusual Besties

Barn friends overcoming boundaries to be friends. So many animals from other types are getting close and cuddly. There is more to animals than just preditor and prey. There is a sense of love seen in animals that shows us there is hope for us all. 

I’m A Cheetah For You

Oh, you caught me in the middle of a play session! Let me lick my lips and be extra cute just for you. 
I hope these babies cheer up your day. And remember animals are not all domestic and they must stay in their outdoor home. They are called wild for a reason. They may seem cute here, but the minute something goes wrong their primal instincts will kick in. So enjoy these pictures and keep our animals wild! 

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