A Television World

Poetry on Mental Illness being acknowledged.


What is this obsession with always being happy?

You ask me how I am?

I am just supposted to say great, while along the way traumas trap my door?


What is this obsession with keeping it together?

We are weak for asking for help?


What is this obsession with seclusion?

When we feel, we are supposted to just pretend?


Well I’m done pretending in this television world. 


Wood entraps my throat

Closing in, an esophogus sketch

Words held in a deep note

She’s a wretch


Eyes closed on the inside

You see courage, confidence, bravery

My skin dissentegrates-“I tried”

You don’t see me, you see an image, I’ve created so carefully


If I shed my skin

If I spoke the words

Awkwardly, you would grin

Because who knows how to play the repeating of mental records?


If I gave myself to the world

There would be few that would be comforted from this grace of relief

Until you catch up, I will fast forward, push power, and pull me out of this static


Reality is but an advertisement, for our emotions fall asleep


Unknowingly, your innocence, or nieviety is a bullet that steals

Without care for others, consideration and unknowligibility, 

You are just being used as a tool

that is blamed for the upside construction of society’s damned wheel


It spins, and spins, and spins again, 

Disacknoledging the fact that mental illness is not seen


But saying that I have it all together

Just re-eterates the fact that they didn’t take the time

I seem under the weather?

That is just who I am. 


Since when was ignorance-Society?


-Camile McGregor

Painting from pintrest

12 thoughts on “A Television World

  1. It is perfectly fine to have down days, but no one really wants to hear about them, interesting isn’t it? We all have them and have to deal with them, but others feel the need to fix everything for you if you tell them you’re having an off day. When all you really need is someone to relate to the reality, bloggers are there for you ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, yes that is what I have found is bloggers have been so supportive on my strange journey. But, yes, we don’t need someone to fix it, we are trying to do that ourselves. We just need someone to listen. Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haaahaaaa I agree just lying to each other everyday. I played that game for too long and it only made my symptoms worse and prolong my healing process🙄 Glad I started to find my way, this community, and your blog too😀

        Liked by 1 person

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