Everything is Connected

If you heard your child had cancer, you wouldn’t push them aside, so why do we do this to our home-our environment?

We know that the environment is decaying-climate change, extinction of species, garbage filling our very backyards. Since it does not immediately effect our apartments, we say “It Can Wait”. But, you wouldn’t do this with your own family. Immediately, you would bring them to the emergency room. Well, it does effect people’s environmental and their mental and physical state.


Yes, too much garbage=disease.

By not doing anything, we are “Accidentaly” killing our own people.

This is families homes in Cario, Egypt. Why is there so much waste? There were never effective garbage systems put in, because there weren’t the resources to do so.

Even so, when there is you will see something like this. There is no where else to put it.

In the United States, Landfills are put in place to avoid disease, and…lower waste? We not have the expensive and fancy tractor, and waste trucks…but we still have all that garbage?

On top of that, Garbage is filling our waters, I see it every day I pass the Pudget sound. Yes, we have systems to help this, but it’s still not perfect. In addition, there are so many other places that are in need, and we are again saying that since it dosen’t immediately effect us…It dosen’t matter. Well our garbage immediately effects others…

When we leave other countries without support, their garbage could seep into our waters. If we keep this up, “We will have more plastic in the sea than fish”-GlobalPost-https://www.pri.org/stories/2016-12-13/climate-change-meet-your-apocalyptic-twin-oceans-poisoned-plastic


Since it’s inconvienient, it’s not important…?

Mabye, it is because we don’t understand what is really going on. Most people get their information from the News, but not everything is being promoted on KING5. More commonly, we will see climate change being broadcasted on environmental documentaries, where they make everything so dramatic, that people get scared, and say “I can’t do anything about that…I don’t have the skills”.



Since 6th grade you had the skills to do something. Let’s bring it back to Middle School, and learn about Ecosystems.

Ecosystems- We Need Eachother


Suprise! Yes, we actually need other species to survive!

Everything relies on everything else…An ecosystem is a community of plants, animals and other living organisms that share the benefits of a particular space or environment such as air, food, water and soil. It’s no different from our human community where every citizen of a city relies on its own resources and interacts with its environment.-The Word Counts http://www.theworldcounts.com/stories/Impact-of-Ecosystem-Destruction

Who cares about that big heron? Well we do. Going into environments, and creating buildings without researching and understanding the area can mean we kill one species that there-in will make all other species and environments-die. We are killing ecosystems by our pollution, habits, and structure.

You say, well who cares because I still have a home?


Well, if killing off other species homes is not enough, what about culture?


Before the European Colonization, views of nature were more connected. In Native Americans of today, these views still are well-practiced, but now it is dominated by the western view of power. Native Americans have a spiritual relationship with nature. When hunting, they would look into the eyes of the deer, and ask for concent for it’s sacrifice. It didn’t stop there, they would pray for the animal, and thank it for giving them their food. Now, And, Europeans came into the picture, and called this “wild”, and the idea of the “savage Indian”. This is where the term, “wildreness”, came from, as europeans saw Indians as “bloody savages”. You say, how does this effect the environment, and us today? Well, culture is still being disgraced, and misunderstood. Native Americans today are still portrayed as poverty-stricken, and “savage”.

In addition, this domination of power over nature still continues. Structures are being created in buildings, without any consent for the environment, and the ecosystems that are in place. In addition, there is this view that, why does nature matter? They don’t have structure? If you look at even down to the parasites in nature, they have the most complex structure and evolution, that has been built. Animal kingdoms have different rules and understanding the same as humans. Lastly, nature itself is built in such a vast array, that when we go and kill these ecosystems, we have no idea what structure and culture we are destroying. Ever wonder why there are so many racoons in your garbage? Because they have no place to live! Why are Native American suicide rates so high?

Because this dominance of power, and control of environments continues not just with trees and animals, but with our people. 





5 thoughts on “Everything is Connected

  1. Great post, waste management surely is a huge problem, but spreading awareness and getting people to do something about it is an even larger problem. I’m glad you’ve started the discussion, but now, what is the call to action? How do you propose we work towards a solution?

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    1. Well, the first would be being part of local organizations that support clean environments, such as greenpeace, which you can visti here, http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/what-we-do/, we can talk to people in our community about differen waste sources, as so much plastic is such a waste. You can even take part in local stores that even you bring in your containers and they give you food. They have alot of this in Olympia, WA, where I went to college. Another jsut simple start is switching over from plastic water bottles to a reusable. Or, even just picking up trash when you see it. There are other countries that have this sort of social awareness about the community that was promoted so well, that is now common talk to respect the environment in normal conversation. How did this all start? By normal citizens creating these conversations. These conversations and facts are what spread the most, because people talk! Thank you for your interest, and keep the earth clean 🙂

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