Immigration Rights 

They call me illegal 

They call me exotic

While they strut in their regal

Stories of erotic

I fight for freedom

In a country that is meant to be


But out they push

Out they push my


A child born in the u.s.

Is not a citizen?

Because of my past

No one will listen
We are good people

She has done nothing wrong

Take me instead

Back to a land I now know not
U.S. is our home

The place we have built up

But they are building a wall

To tear down the strong

Well i will not give up

And will not follow in these lies

Take away diversity

And you will see the upside down

Truth of his face

Covered in shame

With a past of wrongs

He will take the blame

For the people who live here

I hold your heart tonight

With a meeting that might change

The future of immigration 


@ Camile McGregor

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