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Meet Anthony…


He is an artist of all trades: Poetry, Painting, and Art. Pairing his paintings with poetry, he writes for his own healing and to give this to others. Growing up around Trauma, he know how art can help with so many of us.

If he could do anything: He would PAINT. Wouldn’t you?

Check out his paintings and poetry below at his page Handsinthegarden,


@ Anthony Gorman

Like so many of us, Anthony was forced into sports as a child. Now that he is out in the world,

painting has been his release.

A common theme in his painting is that of black outlines, and brown backgrounds. With this painting, you can see the long nights and lust that was given to the canvas with the red lines, and white circles.

Here is the link to this article below.






pressed to prison


ripped from

into torture

doors to sleep-
shut, locked.

tic-toc of
frozen clock-


are made

© Anthony Gorman 2017


Living with insomnia can be a living hell.

To any of us who know what it’s like to toss and turn all night with thoughts racing, it’s like they


Poetry is his way to relax and turn down those repeating thoughts. Night poetry is one of his strong suits.

Here, you can see the release being given in just a few words. This is a note for everyone to see what good poetry can do for yourself and as a message for others.




The Lonely Crowd-Crowded


@Anthony Gorman


This painting is one of my favorites, saving the best for last. It was inspired by a photo of one woman in a crowd with the expression of feeling lost. Being surrounded by people every day, somehow

we can’t connect? Aren’t we a community?

It seems crazy walking down the streets, and not one person acknwledges us, and when they do, they become jittery?

What has happened to our people?

This painting is a social message to tell people about this emotional freeze that we all expreience. Even when we are surrounded by people and joy,

we can still feel alone in our own thoughts,

as if in another world.

I love this painting because it relates to so many people like me who feel this way.

Again, you can see his pattern of brown backgrounds bringing every painting back to his message of-

The Garden.


Remember to PAINT-For the canvas tells stories you never knew were possible.

-Article by Camile McGregor, with use of Anthony Gorman art.

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