Art, trauma, dark, blood, scars, thought, acrylic, faces, lips, mouth

This painting was inspired from a night of gripping into control too tight that i just had to completely let go. 

Having almost all of my closest friends being bipolar, i have experienced pieces of that life. This was brought on from thinking of the hardships that my closest friend has been through. 

When i paint I try and go into a different personality. Using the black, red and bits of white I feel like it represents the scars and changes that bipolar, creating an obsession that is not of our own. 

 I experience bits of this, but i do not completely understand as that is not my complete experience. 

After hours of detail, i completely let the paintbrush move on its own in efforts to let go. Coming back to it, if you look closely you can see different facial features such as eyes nose mouth and ears all scattered over the canvas, as bipolar often describes itself as “in pieces, scattered, a missing puzzle”.

I do not feel like I have captured the complete idea or even scratched the surface of understanding bipolar disorder. But with my friend battling dark thoughts obsessing and changing so sudden to manic, it makes her fear. 

I did not do this painting because i feel sorry for my friend or anyone going through trauma. Rather, i did it because mental illness is rarely talked about and i want to start the discussion. 

Recently I heard that the point of art is to be so shocking in different methods that it does change your thoughts and it does make you think. Well, this is the start of that journey for me. 

What does it make you think of?

@ Camile McGregor 

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