Walk With Margaret

This painting was an acrylic. I started out with the image of a feather in my mind. I wanted to make the background golden yellow and brown, to make whatever was on the front more eye-popping.

Then, as I took a break, I started looking up Jackson Pollock, which I did a post earlier today on. I saw his paintings of intense colors and the style that he did, and I was inspired. I wanted to wack the canvas with all the paint, and see what happened.

So, after getting my mothers white carpet dirty…oops…

I went outside in my crazy paint covered pjs, and started wacking paint around. I liked the feel of green and browns and yellows.

I experiemented with the consistency of the paint vs. water content, and have almost come to a place where I am understanding it.

This is definately an experience that I will want to do again to further my understanding of paint. Yes, the paint is still wet, but at this point, I am convinced it will never dry I’ve waited so long.

The name came from a random place in my head. While looking at the gold, the name Margaret kept repeating in my head. So, I said, there you go painting, you are now a Margaret, seems right? Then, while adding the green and wacking the canvas, I kept imagining, “Who is this Margaret?” So, the image of a cold walk in the woods came about, as she tells me rediculous stories about her life. This is my imagination on repeat, and I am glad I can channel it in art.

But, anyways it was fun to be out in the old country backyard, jumping around in a pool of paint in my pajamas, and never brushed hair with paint splattered completely over my face. I am glad that the neighbors were at work, so the only ones that saw this crazyness were the occasional squirrel, and even that ran away at my paint splatters.

So…have a good day, and don’t care what people think of you, because art…is art. And while I have the chance to paint, I WILL!

@ Camile McGregor

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