Poetry, Meditation, Relaxation, Dreams, Sleep, Waves, Ocean, Beach, Tropical

Waves caress

the ocean floor

leaving the rest

to the nature lore


Coral aglow

of zilaphones

a fish’s home

singing in rainbow


Guitar hums the bubbles

on the turtles back

with mystical rubble

peaking from the boulder’s pieces-crack


seagulls swish

the top above

their flippers waving

at the beauty of the sea love


Choirs sing

a chorus of jellyfish


the sleeping shark’s wish

A bright array of school fish


They nestle in their watery bed

as the sea urchin came out and said


The beauty that will be found

Is in the depths where was built a mound

It is buried under gems and gleams

And, it is waiting for your heart to break the seams


So, swim across the ocean floor

And find what

You have been looking for


@ Camile McGregor


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