Whoo hoo!!!

Now clap your hands and welcome ashu! 

He writes poetry like me and i think he deserves a shout out. Check out his page

 The most recent poem he has written about a canvas. I love this writing for the energy that you can feel from it.


The colorless art…by ashu writes 

It was colorless feeling when you just spoiled the entire canvas. The Canvas which wasn’t painted by any color of this world but your love. Like when I saw you the first time you were the black in all this white. Maybe you were the color so you won’t know about being white. And this how your colorful effects have started changing the colorless sight. You carry the smile which was like the thickest brush, painting the edges of the canvas telling the stories of my life. How the white met black and came across a difference called grey. Every color you painted gave the extreme beauty of life and so were you.

Now when I lost the brush, the colors and every mixture there is no canvas so far. The canvas once painted had started shedding off their colors. Maybe the candles don’t have the power to see through it or just because the fire is yellow I can’t see it. Black would be a new beauty or maybe I don’t know because of it colorless now. I don’t feel any color as I use to do before.

Do you remember the redness of evenings, grasses with green and those eye touching lights?
Even the moments were colorful when together was the sight. I had taken your memories and tried to fill some colors from them yet they are not colorful as you were. The difference is just about being grey.

Which color are you? Or what kind of art?
How beautiful that canvas you had crafted. Now I don’t see any color because being colorless is the new art I would try to craft.

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