100 Followers and BOB ROSS!


Dear followers, I must thank you for your dearing support and amazing conversations you have given me.  In honor of you, I have created an Ode to Paint parody poem on the sneaky nature of art and the humor that it brings. Keep searching and following, and creating great conversations! In such a short time, I have made so many great friends on here, and I will always thank you and be close to this community!


Id like you to imagine a shakespherian version being read of my poem, by my favorite character of all, Bob Ross.

Ode to Paint


Oh woe is me

Stuck in my mysery

The paint has found 

Another woman you see


We are shocked in dismay 

at this cheating array

All this time and money

We spent on you, our art

And how do you repay?

By stabbing us in the heart!


Tricky is your paint to mold

Into a creature we are told

We squeeze and we control

Like it is our witch

Taking out our anger 

as the paint finds the brush a kiss


But our paint is something of a sexy nature

Which keeps us company without a partner

We talk to it like we are out of our minds

While it cheats on us with the canvas’ lines


Many are painters who are a lonely man

Who sells canvas’ in his van

He never shaves

And dreads parties

For what he craves

Is found in she


He gripes and greams

And goes bald from his screams

Using up his mothers monies



A painter is an entertainer

Searching for constant approval

Do we not love ourselves they ask?

Or are we just wearing a mask?



We love you paint, 

You are our closest friend

But we will never forget

Never again, 


@ Camile McGregor

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