Poetry about feelings of power, how art opens up your soul and turns you into someone who can feel more than anyone can see. Once you learn more about yourself, you begin to realize that power is many forms, many personalities, and many people that are always inside of you. Always waiting to take over for the day, your power is knowing who you are, and always always owning that first. 


I call to you giftWorlds apart

Throb in chest wishCease this artifical heart


Courage is a boxing match

Of overwhelming days of attach


It knocks on your door

When the lock is tight

Thumping under your floor

You know you can hear it tonight



Bounds of powerPotential courageBeating ever louderWaiting in heart storagePower is knowing today


Not getting lost in yesterday

Forgiving away the pain

But always remembering what happened that day




Your strength to speak

The words you know

Is waiting to be taken

At your window

Closer than you ever knew

Courage is found in you

@ Camile McGregor

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