Rebuild The People

Strong and powerful poetry about the root of hatred. How do we stop this? By not putting up with it any longer. Continuing writing poetry, having conversations, and getting involved is the first thing that can stop abuse in any form. 


I washed my face

With your injustice

I carved my name

Into your pride


I scraped away my

fiercless justice

To find the strength


Communal genocide


Engraved in you

And you denied

I lost the memo

That I walk in your

Corkscrewed shadow


Somehow dragging the lifeless bodies

Of your planning avenge tomorrow

Chissel away your fabricated inventance

You better be begging for eternal trascendence

For the people you serve are the people you are killing


One by one like flies

You are destroying with your ignorance

Are you really that blind?

To see that really your people are innocent


Self respect and honor

Political torpedo

I call you just a big fat ego


Wind up all you want

A silly little prop

You are just a toy being used

Like another jack in the box


To all of those who have ever felt abused

The reason is not one person

It is never one people

And it is never one system


It is the underlying foundation

Upon which we have built

To see men, women, and presidents use

For their own good

While the rest of us crumble


Well tear out the floors and build a new roof

Because this home of hate is being rebuilt

We have evidencal proof

That we are not standing still

Because always we are the people 

Who Will


@ Camile McGregor



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