I Am.

Poetry? Click to be confused!


I am

the confusion of twisted stairs


And Preventing the



I am

The footprints

Cemented into the


For the way down was never told to be as hard

As the Start


I am

The entry-way

To Disorientation

Where the lock is key’d on the other side


I am

Perplexing to the


of the Jigsway backwards

Padlocked in a cellar of bricks


I am 

Something of 



I am 


Like a Netty Pot

Dripping inside a porcupine Chia Pet

For if you get too close

I might 



Or just keep dripping


I am 

Sleeping in 

an Unconscious Bed 

Made the cracking

Goat’s Horns

Because I’ve already climbed that mountain

And I am tired


I don’t really know who I am 

But you probably don’t either


@ Camile McGregor

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