A journey into a world that he creates of his mind.



A city guy living a life he dosen’t know. Where will it go from here? He walks down the busy street on a sunset night, watching the choas of the crowd. United? Past eachother, they are glued to their phones, only looking up once they bump into a post.

He walks alone the streets of noise. Hearing a siren wailing like a saxaphone gone wrong. His blue jeans worn, and his hat damp from rain, he gets to a place he dosen’t know the name.

A small little road, with a single dog guard. It reminds him of his youth of playing in the yard.

He has no owner, no place to be. To this animal, he feels similarity.

Looking down the road covered in paint, it takes him to his dreams, or some would call fait.

Venice, a place of bustling culture. Where bread, cheese, and sauce fume up the streets. It is busy here, but instead with community. In this place, he sits at a coffee shop, drinking a drink of something origional and new. He feels as though things are coming at him left and right, and at the same time, the sky is still blue. Here in his reality, he is home. He looks around, and every dog, ever person, looks him in the eyes, and knows his soul. They know where he has come from, they know his past, and they accept his failure. They accept that he is who he is molding into, as everyone else at this little Vienna coffee shop.

He opens his eyes, sitting under the city bridge once again. A warm scent has come next to him. The black dog, noname. Yet, somehow, he smells warm buttered bread from the essence of this animal.

“I will call you Vienna”.

@ Camile McGregor

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