Camile’s Shop-I Need You!

Are you looking for healing and beauty?

I need your help!!!Art, Paintings and heart and soul right here! This is a shop where you can view my paintings and learn how to become more close to your own heart, and find yourself.

I paint to share my expression and perspective with the world in order to give more healing to others.

I just opened my own etsy shop and it is thanks to all of your great comments and inspiration to keep going. But, I need help promoting it and sharing!


Visit this link to see my hand-made paintings!!

This is not just an art shop, but a place of therapy.

I would love for you guys to check it out! I am very excited for this new adventure in my life and hope to get lots of support on this journey. I am new to making your own business but I have great goals for myself.

Here, you will see paintings like this:


Why did I create this shop?

In order to heal others with expression

I wanted to start showing my art to the world not in order to one day become so famous painter, but because I really believe it can help people. My paintings have been my process in healing through struggles, and many friends and family who were not doing well this last year. I have always been a creative person, playing the viola my entire life. But, recently I just realized that I had to paint. It was this release that gave me hope for the next day. Going through so many transitions, painting has continually given me a new perspective on life.

THAT is what I want to share with other people. Every painting has a message. It has a meaning of strength, power, love, and finding yourself.


It is not just another artistic creation, but a relation to my soul to yours. If you have a painting in your home it will not just be a decoration, but an inspiration to give change in your life.

Each painting has a description underneath it of what inspired me to paint it and why it can help others.

Seeing paintings in your home is a form of therapy and could inspire you to paint as well.



Thank You

Because of people like you who are reading this right now, I know that my skills in painting and poetry can really help people. 


Thank you all for being a part of my online community. It has given me alot of confidence. Any suggestions would help so much! Thank you!

I have met so many amazing people here online, who have been supporting me in my time. If it weren’t for this amazing community I wouldn’t have the confidence to keep going.



Future Poetry Book


And remember I am still working on that poetry book 🙂 This poetry book with have poems just like this one and many many more:

We only die when we fear death.

We only stop when we loose faith,

We only slow down when we think we can’t. 

But the power of belief can 


@ Camile McGregor

That will be up on my shop once I get everything together 🙂



Who Could Share this?


So anything you guys could do comment, like, share, view my site, or direct me to any more ways to promote my paintings would be amazing!

@ Camile McGregor


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