You Don’t Need Pills to Smile


This is a poem about finding the joy in yourself. When you take medicine for one mental illness or another, they are not the cure. If you are one of the millions taking pills, please do not stop them without the direction of your direction. I still take them, but I know they are not what is going to “solve” my problems. They help give you a head-start to your life. But, it doesn’t stop there. It is a conversation with your mind every day.

Will you give into the dark, or work constantly to see the joy of a glance that could show you there is still hope? Of course you are trying hard every day. Mental illness is a battle. But, through the struggle remember to take one simple day for yourself.

Go to the beach. Step outside of your house. Paint. Draw. Cook. Talk with a friend. Find a friend. Smile at the people passing by. Try to make happiness at work your goal. If the darkness passes over your head, tell it that it does not belong in this vessel.

Tell it that you are better than what it has done to you. It will take time. But for each day, take a little step to yourself.

You don’t need pills to smile

While they aid in the main


They give

another side effect

The beach is medicine


Living is perspective

Step out of your mind

Help when you can

You will find joy in the poorest of minds


They don’t have much

Not much to complain about

Life is simple

When you go back to your



Visit the sun today

5 minutes may show you

A hint of



You don’t need those pills to smile

But they will help for awhile


@ Camile McGregor


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