Two Hands To Shoot

The bullet was small

But the hand that held it was strong

It knew

You were just functioning

For now

When the pieces

Crumbled on your palm

What did you think was left of

Turning into a mom

You pulled the trigger yourself

Too hot to cradle and touch

They were your life giving hands

Family jammed

Steaming needs

Forgot that the trigger

Was qued for innocence

You molded the bullet

Into a shot after fire

When you can’t shoot straight

Because that shot

Was not your family name

Directed to truth

You grew her in ranges

Shooting up high

And locking her up

At night

For safety

The bullet was too young

Not some bagabond

The gun responds

You bit

The hand birthed you

Too soon

Did i studder?…

You chose to turn

You had the chance

But you deferred

This bullet came fast

Unexpectedly so

Stand up and last

Open your eyes to the low

You created

And you denied

Because you were also a bullet

An accidental lie

It takes two hands to shoot

One on the trigger

And one to hold the bullet back

For the gun made a mistake

He shot for the rate

Heating the bullet

She wasn’t a fake

She was brutal

Because she made an impact

From a gun

That wouldn’t hold her

Any longer

Anticipate the run

That i knew

I will not heat

Into the same gun

Like you

@Camile McGregor

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