I try

This is a poem in response to a video I watched of a young girl, the same age as me, who’s both parents passed away suddenly.



I try to be strong

I try to hold on

But the pain is more

Than I can take

A knife to the stake


I try not to cry

Hold my face up

Towards the light

But it mocks me

It locks me tight


It speaks the smiles

That I lost

It shines on the innocent

At what cost?



For love that was near

For bruises that will wear

For memories that will fade

Into eternal shade


I hold my head up

I hold the pain in

I try not to cry

I try to grin


I don’t want to be strong anymore

It’s harder to fake a smile

Pretending like they are not gone

They won’t be just another note in the file


When can I stop this game

They are in peace

While I walk in pain

When will I forget the deceased


They’re not in pain


Let the tears




@ Camile McGregor

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