Artists Review

Thank you Anthony Gorman!
Check out his art and poetry here,
“I want to take this grumpy moment
 to step outside my cryptic bubble of depth and despair and take a moment to give a very talented new blogger, 

Caeli McKamey

She’s a 24 year old artist has been painting since she was little, in a family of artists and musicians. She has a very distinct style in both her visual and written art. 

Misty Moon

In this acrylic painting of the moon and reflections, you can see her strength of mental healing from painting.
She calls
 Seattle, Washington 
her home.
And bases experiences in the big city on the poetry and wonderful paintings I’ve stumbled across on her site.

We Call Her: Rain

She sits upon my window-sill
Smudges of coffee


Reflecting glitter against every hill
A mothers soft


She is a long family friend
We argue, we laugh, we sing together
A cold that is used to


The mind’s repition, in it’s dark weather

We call her:


She soaks away the wrong

We call her:


She Splatters it away-gone

Her mind inhabits a very different place – one with vibrant colours, caverns of
 caring and a touch of

Acrylic City

Caeli indicated that she struggles with a variety of challenges to her 

mental wellness 

but prefers to engage her artistic outlets as her form of therapy in addition to formal diagnoses or treatments.
  These struggles also manifest in the

Sincerity and


 of her contributions.


Please take a moment to visit her site, 

Seattle Stories”